Straightforward, honest, and un-apologetically raw, Arizona singer-songwriter Cameron DeGurski doesn't mind baring his soul behind the microphone.  As a self-proclaimed "purveyor of sounds and feels," DeGurski offers listeners an intimately candid sonic glimpse into his heart and mind with each performance. 


"I'd rather play something that exudes emotion, and make an audience feel something, ANYTHING, than regurgitate the tunes you can play in any jukebox, at any bar in town. If you want the jukebox, I'll give you a quarter. If you want to share some energy, and leave feeling a little more human, 'I'm your Huckleberry.'"


Tasting Notes:

Subtle hints of Withers, Vedder, and David Gray. Rhythmic, folksy palate with a lush, soulful finish. Pairs well with your ear holes, existential dread, and social anxiety.